Claims Guidance

Following an incident at your setting our priority is to ensure the process of making a claim is as simple and efficient as it can be, enabling your business to recover as quickly as possible.

Our dedicated nursery claims team will manage the claim for you and provide a first class service, keeping you fully informed along the way. To notify a claim please call our nursery claims team on 01473 346046 or email

For guidance on what to do in the event of a claim, including details of what information you will need to provide, please click on the relevant box below:

To reduce the overall time it takes to reach settlement of a claim and therefore minimise disruption to your business please supply as much information as possible when reporting your claim. If the claim relates to a theft or malicious damage to your property, it must be reported to the police and a crime reference number obtained before the claim can proceed.

Damage to Buildings

If the damage is affecting the security of your building please proceed to make necessary like for like repairs or temporary repairs to maintain the security of your property. All invoices for emergency works should be retained and submitted as part of your claim.

For non-emergency works insurers will usually ask you to supply two estimates for their approval. Please ensure estimates supplied contain a detailed breakdown explaining the work required. This will help insurers authorise repairs more quickly without further referrals to you.

Damage, theft or loss to contents

Where possible please supply original documentation, such as receipts, instruction manuals or photographs to show make, model and cost as well as proof of ownership for items which have been stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Photographs of the damage (where applicable) will also be required.

Do not dispose of items without your insurer’s permission, as they may appoint a loss adjuster to visit you and the loss adjuster may want to see the items.

Please provide replacement or repair quotations for each item for insurers to authorise. Where money has been stolen, please supply accounts and receipts which can evidence the amount stolen.

Major loss

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a major loss we will arrange to manage the claim alongside a dedicated loss adjuster with the appropriate knowledge and experience to effectively deal with all aspects of the claim and keep you fully informed along the way.

As owner of your nursery business and an employer of staff you have a legal responsibility towards your employees, the children in your care and the public. The Employers’ and Public Liability sections of your policy provide cover for your legal liability for injury or property damage sustained by a third party as a result of a careless or negligent act of your business.

Legal liability claims will often need investigating by your insurers. If you have any concerns following an event at your nursery please call us to discuss what procedures you need to follow.

An injured person (or their legal guardian in the case of an injured child) will often appoint legal representation to act on their behalf. Please do not acknowledge or answer any correspondence without contacting us first. Instead please forward any correspondence to us so that we can pass to your insurers to enable them to respond on your behalf.

If there has been a serious incident at your setting you may need immediate support to protect your interests. Please contact our claims team to discuss what steps you need to take and the process that will follow.

Important documents your insurers will need:

  • Accident book entry completed and signed;
  • RIDDOR report (if applicable i.e. 3 day injuries, fractures, burns etc.);
  • OFSTED (or other registering authority i.e. Care Commission) report if applicable;
  • Witness statements taken and signed by the individual and manger or owner;
  • Any risk assessment material relating to area where the incident occurred or the type of activity involved;
  • Copies of any correspondence between you and the child’s parents.

Through thorough investigation insurers will decide whether you have any legal liability for the claim. They will then discuss and agree their findings with you before proceeding with the third party.

After a decision is made insurers will handle the claim on your behalf. You will not be required to do anything further.

Liability claims can take many months or sometimes years to conclude. We will keep you up to date with any significant developments as they occur but if you have any questions on the progress of a liability claim please get in touch.

The Commercial Legal Expenses section of your policy is provided by ARAG plc. In the event of a valid claim under the policy ARAG will appoint a solicitor that specialises in the particular area of law the issue concerns.

To see a video of what to do in the event of a legal expenses claim click here.
To see a video of who helps deal with your claim click here.

All claims to ARAG should be submitted via their standard claim form. A copy can be obtained from their website at or by calling them on 0117 917 1698.

Don’t forget that your policy also comes with a range of helplines providing 24-hour support. You should contact the relevant helpline listed below as soon as you are aware of an incident that coud give rise to a claim under the policy. You will need to have your policy number to hand when calling.

Legal Representation 0333 000 7920

If the insured has been asked to attend a police interview under caution in relation to an offence or an alleged offence relating to a child who is or has been under your care please call the above number.

Legal and tax advice 0333 000 7920

If you have a legal or tax problem relating to your business, we recommend you call our confidential legal and tax advice helpline. Legal advice is available 24/7, and tax advice is available between 9am and 5pm on weekdays (except bank holidays).

The advice covers business-related legal matters within EU law and tax matters within the UK. Your query will be dealt with by a qualified specialist experienced in handling legal and tax-related matters. Use of this service does not constitute reporting of a claim.

Crisis communication 0344 571 7964

Following a critical event where you need help to respond to negative publicity or media attention. You can access professional public relations support and crisis communication services.

Counselling assistance 0333 000 2082

For an employee (including family members permanently living with them) needing confidential help and advice, our qualified counsellors are available to provide telephone support on any matter that is causing your employee upset or anxiety, from personal problems to bereavement.

We are extremely satisfied with our insurance through Pound Gates, the staff are most helpful and very knowledgeable. When we were unfortunate enough to have to make a claim it was dealt quickly and efficiently and with minimum disruption to the business - Hopscotch Nursery

Hopscotch Nursery Nursery Insurance July 21, 2016